Un•der•ground (un’der ground’), n., adj.

An area of industry that is often characterized by its high level of originality and experimentation, which does not conform to typical standards set by the mainstream.

What Makes Our Bags Different?

 For a lot of shooters, the rear bag is an afterthought. They throw some sand in a sock or grab a sack of beads and go shoot. In supported prone shooting, your rear bag is the main conduit between you and your reticle. We believe that connection is vitally important and often overlooked. Our company was born out of a mission to perfect the rear bag and make it easier to get on target and stay on target.

We spent months testing dozens of fillers and countless combinations of fillers to arrive at the perfect balance of stability, mobility, and consistency. Sure a sand filled sock or a simple bean bag will work, but everything else in your kit is specifically designed to do a job. Why spend $2000-$6000 on a rifle system only to drive it with a bag that has no design intent? 

Your Perfect Bag

We are a custom shop and when you buy a rear bag from us you are buying your perfect bag. Feel free to reach out and we will help you pick a model. If it doesn’t fit well we will adjust it until it does. If you still don’t like it you can send it back for a refund. We do not want any of our bags sitting in a safe or on the used market because they are not utilized. Our products are made in-house here in America and are never outsourced to cheap labor.