ELR Rear Bag

Our ELR bag uses a unique fill that locks the stock into place. It brings the stability of a rabbit ear bag to a tactical package. Geared for ELR, load development, dot drills, or any time precision and stability is the top priority. The ELR sets the stock at 4"-5" when compressed.

ELR Mini Bag

If you run a more traditional stock like a McMillan and you also use a low bipod, the ELR Mini will likely be a better fit for you. It brings the same stability as the ELR but in a smaller package. The Mini sets the stock at 3"-4" when compressed.

3D ELR Bag

If you are looking for a bag to take the shooter out of the equation to test loads or barrels, this is it. The 3D ELR Bag is dense and wide and engulfs the stock to hold it firm. This bag uses the same unique fill as our ELR bag.

ELR Strapped

We had a lot of requests to add a velcro strap to our ELR Bag. When we did we were very surprised at just how much can be done with this small bag. The unique locking fill allows it to do things that no other small bag can do. We can also add custom straps if you need them.

Recon Micro+Base Plate

The Recon Micro is 4×6 and uses a very unique fill that is super-fine and very heavy. It reacts much like heavy sand without the downsides of using sand. The carbon fiber base plate brings the ultimate in compact stability without the need to put straps over your rifle.

Recon Mini

The Recon Mini is grippy just like the full size Recon Bag and at 5x7x3.5 it can be used as a rear bag on the long or the short side. It can be strapped to the gun without sacrificing maneuverability while providing forend stability that is incredible for a bag this size.

Recon Bag

Our Recon Bag is the product of countless redesigns and a realization that compact and simple can be very effective when executed correctly. This bag is perfect for the range, the woods, or for competition. At under 5 pounds it brings you a stable platform in a manageable size.

Suppressor Insulator

This is not just a suppressor cover. It employs high temperature insulators to mitigate mirage and protect you from burns. We designed this with simplicity in mind so you spend more time shooting than fiddling with cords and knots.

Velcro Insulator

The Velcro Insulator uses the same insulators as our laced version but uses a full length seam of velcro for attachment. A sewn in loop of Kevlar cord on the back end of the cover prevents sliding under recoil.

Handguard Insulator

Sleek, snug, and insulated, this will keep your hand cool and comfortable while giving your rifle a unique look. These are made custom for your rifle.

Suppressor Cover

Designed for a slow rate of fire, this cover will protect you and your suppressor from moderate heat and mirage.

Bullet Book

Keep your ammo clean and secure from the range to the woods. These binders are hand made with rigid inserts to prevent bending or flopping. Our design allows you to carry more ammo with less effort.