Comp Bag

Our comp bag is the product of countless redesigns and a realization that compact and simple can be very effective when executed correctly. This bag sits  around 9×7.5×3, under 4 pounds, and has two extremely grippy sides. Add our unique, locking fill and this bag will literally bring as much stability as an obstacle has to offer. Your rifle effectively becomes attached to the obstacle by friction.  The straps aid in stability when looped over the rifle but their main function is allowing you to move without carrying the bag between obstacles. We will offer an unstrapped version that features carry handles on either end. We can do an arca clamp on the bag but have not tested that configuration yet. We suspect it may reduce the contact surface between the rifle and the bag, reducing the effectiveness of the grippy surface. 

Our unique fill does not slip on itself so the bag will stay where you put it. Most companies are looking for a fill that “flows”. We went in the other direction. Our fill is dense like sand but unlike sand will conform objects it comes in contact with.  

The dense, “sticky” fill conforms to the obstacle and the grippy surface of the bag becomes locked in. 

The standard straps come placed with a bias toward one end of the bag. This allows the straps to loop over the scope base or the scope itself on rifles without a railed forend. The straps contribute to stability but are mainly to allow the bag to move with you. If you would like the straps in a different location or would like to use carry handles rather than straps just specify so in the order notes. We can accommodate all special requests.