Velcro Insulator

Velcro Preorder Is Live- Shipping 1/10/19

 This insulating cover was designed to mitigate heavy mirage and protect you from burns. Great care was taken to create a product that is effective, simple to install, and durable enough to take the heat. A full length seam of Velcro secures the cover and a threaded loop of Kevlar under the suppressor prevent it from sliding forward under recoil. Though it is not been tested for full auto fire, the materials used are rated for temperatures well above a medium rate of fire. It uses braided fiberglass, high temperature silicone, and carbon fiber felt to achieve extreme temperature protection in a slim package. We doubt you can hurt it but if you do, send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Please include your suppressor dimensions and/or model in the order notes. If yours uses a locking collar the Kevlar loop inside the cover may not be effective at avoiding sliding under recoil as you will not be able to get the rib behind the suppressor.  If you want a certain fit don’t add or subtract from the measurements just give the actual numbers and note the fit you want.