EL-Rx Rear Bag


Super stable. Super tactical. QD attachment optional.

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If you’re sick of fighting with slippery rear bags, the ELRx  is the prescription for your rear bag troubles. Our custom blended fill locks together to give you the ultimate in precision, stability, and consistency. A compressed ELR bag will mimic a firm rabbit ear bag and lock your stock exactly where you want it. The Rx is filled more than a typical rear bag and is designed to allow the bag to assist you to keep control of the stock. This bag is great for less experienced shooters as well as those with solid fundamentals.

GEN 2! We have updated the ELRx Bags adjustable straps on both sides.




Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 8 in

Olive Green, Black, Black Multicam, Coyote, Multicam, Splatter Camo, Woodland Camo

Add Webbing Loop For Carabiner Attachment

No, Yes


  1. Shawn Montgomery

    Shawn Montgomery

    I had previously used rabbit ear style bags, and old socks filled with air soft pellets for rear bags. The rabbit ears were really stable, but had zero squeeze to them for small elevation adjustments. The sock had a great amount of adjustment, but wasn’t as stable as I would have liked.

    I was digging around on the Hide one day, and saw mention of the Precision Underground bags along with a few others, and decided to reach out as I had a few questions about the bags that are offered.

    No kidding people, I got responses to my questions within minutes. I had a few requests, and was told that they would make it happen. I placed my order Friday night, and my 3D ELR was in my hand Monday night with standard usps shipping (from Florida to Texas over the weekend, and they had to make the bag!). Customer service is top notch!

    The bag itself is everything I hoped it would be. I got the 3D ELR that is a little bigger than a standard ELR, with a little more weight and adjustability, and it packs in and stabilizes very nicely. I can not recommend this bag enough. Get one, you will not be disappointed.


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