*NEW* PURG Light(ish) Bag Filler With Data Band


Lock it in.

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*Data Band and fine tipped marker included with large filler purchase*

This is not your typical light fill. It’s not extreme light weight but is less than half the weight of a regular fill and about 1/3 the weight of a heavy fill. This is not the squishy foam stuff. This filler is made up of small, firm particles and has a chalky feel that allows it to lock up really tight. The particles do not give under the weight of the rifle so you get the stability of a heavy fill with 1/3 the weight. This is guaranteed to be more effective than any reduced weight fill (and likely much more effective than your current standard fill). The large size should be sufficient to fill a full size barricade bag.

Note that the chalky characteristic of this filler is what allows it to lock up so well. The trade off in that is the fill will break down some and become dusty with hard use(much like actual chalk would). The dust can escape between the seams of most bags, but if you keep the bag waxed(specifically the seams) it will help prevent this.

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